About us

Our vision

Our vision is to be at lead when it comes to African print lingerie.
Sunset Lingerie is to provide the most unique high quality lingerie designs to customers and become the most preferred lingerie store.
To empower women that when selfcare and self-awareness comes first anything else is Unlimited opportunities for women.

Our Mission

We believe our products give each woman the confidence to look and feel her best.
To trigger the spark of boldness and confidence in women and Most of all would like our customers to experience the sensational sunset sense, the comfort and beauty when they wear our pieces.


how it started



It all started with a simple search to purchase an African Print Lingerie, with the ambition to discover if there was any platform that presented and marketed African beauty and culture in such a unique form.

After an extensive search in vain, Sunset Lingerie is an innovated platform that draws inspiration from the rich, vibrant and diverse beauty and culture across the vast African continent to bring you authentic African Print Lingerie at your convenience.

With the finest quality and hand-picked exquisite African fabrics, every piece is meticulously designed and crafted with love and care by women for women.

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